Vision, Mission, and Beliefs
The Mission of the Echols County School System is to provide an excellent education for all students
Our vision is to be a school system that develops independent, responsible, lifelong learners

Our Beliefs (Core Values)
We believe:

  • All children learn in different ways and at different rates
  • All children should have an equal opportunity to learn
  • Environmental, socio-economic, and life experiences influence students’ learning
  • Parents should be meaningfully engaged in their child’s education
  • Parents should instill in their children the value of education and the importance of regular attendance, acceptable behavior, and academic success
  • The school system should communicate clear, high, and attainable expectations for all students, staff, and stakeholders
  • All students should be provided a broad, coherent, and challenging curriculum related to the real world
    Schools should strive to prepare students to be productive, self-sufficient, and contributing members of society
  • Schools should make educational decisions informed by data and in the interest of all students
  • School should provide a safe and caring environment for all
  • The community should have a vested interest in the education of all its children
  • Together, the school system and the community serve as the foundation for quality of life, growth, and sustainability of the community


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